The SME sector acts as a catalyst in upholding and encouraging the creation of the innovative spirit and entrepreneurship in the economy, thereby helping in laying the foundation for rapid industrial development. Moreover, the sector also serves the vital objectives of employment generation and balanced regional development. Globalization and liberalization of the Indian economy have also brought a host of opportunities for the industrial sector, particularly the SME segment. While SMEs have responded to competition reasonably satisfactorily, there is scope for increasing their export potential, domestic market share and developing them as serious players in the global value chain.


Despite an elaborate and dynamic policy framework, the progress of Indian SMEs continues to be hindered by some of the basic constraints as poor credit availability, low levels of technology (hence, low product quality and limited exportability) and inadequate or no basic infrastructure, both physical and economic.

  • Strategizing the Growth path of the entity
  • Identifying the Expansion/ Diversification Strategies for the entity
  • To understand the market dynamics and positioning of the brand
  • To effectively compete with peers
  • To have an external perspective in understanding of strengths and weaknesses of the business
  • Having a Professional Team to implement the envisaged plans
  • Adequate financial support for further growth
  • Need for proper systems, controls and procedures

MCA's SME Solutions

MCA works closely with the management to understand the present scenario, the need, potential for the entity, geographical positioning, competitive business landscape etc., and provides a comprehensive solutions pack for the entity. The solutions invariably include the following:

  • Clear Roadmap and milestones culminating into a business plan
  • Industrial perspective in structuring the future growth of the entity
  • Detailed Research and Analysis about the market
  • Analyzing the Competition's businesses and strategizing entity's positioning in the market
  • External perspective of entity's SWOT
  • Presenting the business plans to motivate the team
  • Present the financial structure of the entity and arrive at practical solutions
  • Manage and monitor the financial reporting and budgeting systems