MCA Financial and Capital Advisors Private Limited (MCAFCA) is promoted by Mr T N Manoharan. Headquartered in Chennai with Operations in Hyderabad, MCAFCA is in the business of providing Cost Optimization Solutions to customers across the globe. The Company's focus area is Selling, General and Administration Expenses (SGA).

In today's context, every company strives to satisfy the needs of three different stakeholders - (1) Customer - by constantly upgrading the quality with competitive pricing (2) Employees - reward them based on competitive market practices in order to retain talent (3) Investors - deliver constant improvement in bottom line - not just absolute profits but % of margin.  This pressure continues every day / month / quarter and the important lever available to the management is optimizing Selling, General and Administration expenses (SGA) or Operating Expenses.

MCAFCA specifically focuses on optimizing Telecommunication costs, Travel costs, Lease rentals, Power and electricity costs, Legal costs, Insurance, Software licensing, Procurement including hardware, software, construction materials, interiors etc. MCAFCA has expertise and domain knowledge in these areas coupled with excellent relationship with the service providers across the spectrum of SGA.

MCAFCA's goal is to create a win-win model for all the stakeholders that would result in savings to our customers directly enhancing the bottom line. Our involvement is from "Analysis to Execution" and hand hold the entire process from start to finish.