It is always difficult to arrive at the right amount of coverage evaluating the risks involved vs the premium paid. It is also important to cover any catastrophic effect so that the Company is protected in such scenarios. Insurance is one area which is extremely complicated. It is very important to look at the policy conditions and know for sure that the insurance company would pay when the calamity strikes. In many cases, companies pay a premium and think that they have coverage but on fine print get into issues when there is a claim.

MCAFCA has expertise in normal policies like fire, burglary, machinery breakdown, group personal accident, life coverage, cash, cash in transit etc and special policies like health, errors and omissions, directors and officers liability etc.

MCAFCA has ideas and understanding in devising complicated policies, arrive at the right wordings, cover all possible negative scenarios and directly work with large insurance players including reinsurance players across the globe. MCAFCA has expertise in analysing all the significant / top customer contracts and look at the risks involved and recommend appropriate coverage under the errors and omissions policy. It has expertise in dealing with some of large international insurance players to get the best possible premium allocations without compromising the risks.