Every Company faces the problem of forecasting on a long term basis; In order to balance the growth and the cash burn, every Company has different strategies to decide on its location plan. Lease Vs Own is always a dilemma considering the cash outflows and investment alternatives. Choosing the right location considering various alternatives available is always a challenge. Also the current regulations in India regarding SEZ vs STPI pose another challenge in determining the right place for the operations. MCAFCA has significant expertise in these areas. It can advise a Customer to decide on a right City, Town, location. It can help customers in preparing a blue print of space planning and come out with strategies to be adopted in executing the optimum plan. MCAFCA has deep understanding of each of the property markets in India and has relationship with several developers and builders in each of the cities. MCAFCA can help in negotiating the right lease contract with water tight conditions improving the service delivery coupled with bench marked rates. MCAFCA specialises in analysing the contracts already entered and come out with analytical reports highlighting the negative covenants and ideas to mitigate such covenants. MCAFCA has significant expertise in re-negotiating lease contracts to remove any of the negative covenants already agreed with a clear cut negotiating strategy and time lines for execution.