Large Indian Companies spend about 1% to 2% of their revenues towards Communication expenses. Components of Communication expenses include landline phones, mobile phones, internet bandwidth and network bandwidth. MCAFCA has tied up with Eastcom Systems Pte Ltd, a Singapore based Company (www. which has proprietary software, techniques and other business intelligence tools to analyse each of the line items of the telecommunication bills.

In a multi location scenario, companies spend enormous amounts in setting up a EPBAX and number of extensions to connect various offices. Several areas of redundancies are built in such cases in order to provide smooth services. This offers enormous scope for optimization. Aided by various reports on usage giving the major areas of spending, MCAFCA comes out with strategies which not only provides smooth and stable operations but also cost effective solutions.

With the growth rate of about 40% year on year, Indian Telecom Companies are penetrating into all corners of India. Companies have various types of requirement - post paid connections having monthly rentals, domestic and international roaming plans, domestic and international calling plans, separate plans for voice, data and video, messaging services, fixed reimbursement plans etc. MCAFCA will analyse each and every component of the mobile bill and based on the usage pattern, arrives at an Optimum Plan. Mobile bills runs into several pages making it difficult to analyse it component wise to make the right judgement on the plan. Through the reports, MCAFCA achieves this objective and presents the most suitable plan for the Company given its size, usage, spread etc.

Companies require large bandwidth to network its offices, employees and customers. MCAFCA has expertise in right sizing the requirement and negotiate with service providers. Our focus is not only to improve the prices but also improve the service delivery through water tight SLA's.