Travel expenses would probably top the list in SGA for any Company. It has several components - Tickets, Accommodation, Transport, Food and incidentals etc. For a Company with multi location across the globe, the volume of transactions will be very high making it difficult to focus on any particular area.

MCAFCA understands this area very well and can tailor make schemes by which Companies can benefit. MCAFCA would help in devising appropriate contracts with the travel agents, airlines, hotels, cab operators to get the best in class service coupled with best in class rates. MCAFCA understands the usage in a typical company and arrives at a scheme which will enhance the service delivery from each of the service provider at competitive rates. It will help its customers to get the best services from the service providers which are benchmarked at the industry level. MCAFCA understands the sensitivities involved in these areas that would compromise the well being, safety and security of the travellers. Savings are achieved as "incidental" while the focus is on service delivery and comfort.